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After completing a power packed missions assignment in Gabon Central Africa, our family was appointed for ministry in healthy evangelism; by the grace of God to reach many here in the USA and internationally abroad. 

Our 4 areas of focus is simple:

1. Individual local church community outreach- Our first area of focus is targeted to help a struggling church after being invited by bringing a team of people and equipment for an outreach that is tailored to the Pastor & the church's ministry that has been given them by God. With our experience and creativity we can offer a variety of resources being an asset to the Pastor and the church/ministry for free. However most Pastors and churches want to pay it forward by blessing our ministry with a love offering, and/or a monthly financial partnership.

2. City-Wide Outreach with multiple churches- Our second area of focus is targeted at a much larger and broader group of people. Working with churches that are willing to work with each other to reach an entire city, grouped with our team of people and equipment for a large city wide outreach. Based on the locality of the new believer in Christ our team helps to plug in each person into a one of the churches closet to their residence for discipleship in their new life in Christ. 

3. International multi-city gospel outreach- Our third area of focus is targeted for overseas ministry, after being invited by multiple Pastors and churches that are willing to work together, our team of people and equipment begin to make flights overseas for a large outreach in where new believers are also connected into churches for discipleship in their new life in Christ. We do welcome teams of people for short term missions trips that will work directly with our ministry for increased efficiency and effectiveness. 

4. Healthy Evangelism Training (H.E.T.), Our fourth area of focus is to train individual people and churches, by stirring an environment of personal evangelism through a predetermined amount of day(s),  (whichever works best for the Pastor and the church given them by God) through our class to help believers learn how to share their faith in an easy and understandable way. 

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